414 Rich Mauve - Vinyl Lip Lacquer

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Mid Tone Rich Berry Mauve - Vinyl Lip Lacquer
Part Number: PC414-VLL
Availability: Pre-Order - This item will be available on 9/1/2018.
414 Rich Mauve - Vinyl Lip Lacquer

A Mid Tone Rich Berry Mauve Vinyl Lip Lacquer. 

Matching Pencil: Raisin or Cabernet

Les Ladies Shop

  1. Long Lasting Lip-Hybrid Formula
  2. Highly Pigmented.
  3. Lightweight Feel
  4. Fade Proof
  5. Use with Lip-Liner to Prevent Feathering
  6. More Coverage & Shine than Lip Gloss
  7. Similar to Liquid Lipstick with insane High Watt Shine
  8. Infused with Maximum Staining Pigments
  9. Non-Drying Stay Put Finish
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